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Online 312B User Guide
ErosLink Software for Windows is also available. 


  • User Guide
  • Universal International Socket Adapter for use in the UK/EU/USA
  • Double Ended Audio Input Lead
  • Microphone
  • Set of Banana Plug Cables

The ET-312B is widely regarded as the best erotic e-stim power unit at any price and we ship these boxes all over the world. Its exclusive digital technology offers more variety, more power, more options and more features than the competition. 

We can normally send via next day courier in the UK and dispatch as soon as possible for international orders.


  • 18+ Unique Modes for Maximum Variety!
  • ErosLink Computer Interface
  • User Upgradeable
  • 32 Character Lighted LCD Display
  • Special High Frequency Output
  • Unique TriPhase Stimulation
  • New Stereo Audio Input
  • PC Wave File Compatible
  • External Microphone Included
  • User Friendly Controls
  • Advanced Menu Option
  • High Quality Design & Construction
  • Multiple Intensity Ranges
  • Easily Link Two Units Together
  • High Capacity Rechargeable Battery
  • Built-In Self Test Diagnostics
  • Exclusive Multi Adjust Control
  • Balanced Medical Grade Bipolar Waveforms
  • Fully Isolated & Independent Outputs


ErosLink Software for Windows

ErosLink Software for Windows

PES Corona Electrodes

PES Corona Electrodes

Electro Sounds

Electro Sounds

Moaner Plug

Moaner Plug