• KINK101: Cockrings
    KINK101: Cockrings

    New to cockrings? Just got one and not 100% sure you're doing it right? We're here to help.

    Made out of various materials, like metal, rubber, leather or jelly (silicone or TPE), these little guys are designed to enhance your package, get your dick super hard and ready for action anytime you want to. No wonder, they're some of our most popular items.

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  • Regulation Fetish Week(ender)
    Regulation Fetish Week(ender)

    Our favourite - and busiest - week sadly came to an end... But we had loads of fun!

    Recon organised their best events to date - every single one was packed to the brim with sexy, kinky guys and oodles of fun. Definitely very, very memorable!

    We had some fun in-store too, with three days of displays, discounts, debauchery and de...booze. We had a gimp, caged puppies, frollicking puppies, vacrack display and prosecco - we can't forget about the prosecco. Have a look yourself, down below - these pictures definitely say more than a 1000 words. And below those, we decided to include some content from our fans and customers. Thanks, boys!

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  • Kink101: Sounding
    Kink101: Sounding

    You may have heard of sounding, and maybe you flinched at the thought? But if you open your mind to this new experience, a world of pleasure awaits.

    Sounding is the act of inserting specifically made objects called “Sounds” into the urethra. This is the tube that connects your bladder and the tip of your dick and it happens to run right through your prostate. Sounding stimulates sensitive nerve endings through-ought the penis; creating amazing sensations that some guys have never experienced before.

    Individual Sounds, £11.99

    Most sounds and sound sets are made out of smooth and polished stainless steel which is both easy to clean and durable. Silicone and other sounds have also become available and are a great flexible alternative which allow you explore deeper urethral play. Stainless steel sounds can often be bought in sets, this allows you to experiment with different sizes and work up to larger sizes over time.

    Sterile Lubricating Jelly, £3.99

    For sounding you will also need a water based body safe lubricant which washes off very easily and won't irritate if any remains inside your urethra. Stay away from silicone and grease-based lubes. They will hang around for longer than needed and are more difficult to “flush” out of the urethra. The ideal lube is sachets of sterile medical lube.

    JO Toy Cleaner, £10.99

    Your hands (as well as your dick, balls & groin,) should also be as clean as possible and you should avoid over handling the insertion end of the sound if possible. If a sound gets dropped onto the floor or accidentally put down on a potentially unclean surface, you should not re-insert it until it has been cleaned properly.

    When it comes time to play, you need to find a size you like, if it is your first time we recommend starting with something around a size 6. Thinner sizes such as a 4m or 2mm can be quite sharp but a 6mm sound is a good starting point for most people. Most guys may find that they can work up to an 8mm or 9mm sound quite quickly.

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  • Interview: Joe King - Mr Leather Europe
    Interview: Joe King - Mr Leather Europe

    We've been chatting with the leather clad Joe King as he approaches his six month anniversary of being crowned Mr Leather Europe. Follow the discussion below.

    It’s now been over five months since you were crowned Mr Leather Europe, has it changed your outlook on the leather scene at all?

    It has, for the better. It's given me a unique opportunity to spend time with other communities in Europe which has been fantastic. Everywhere I’ve gone I’ve been moved by how consistently fantastic each community is. I bang on about it all the time, but I think our community is very, very special.  It’s a strange thing winning a title like this as the one thing you don’t expect is for your own fetish life to go on hold, but nevertheless, it’s a brilliant experience.

    We’ll be seeing you at Belgium Leatherpride in February, what events are you looking forward to?

    You certainly will! Well, as leather royalty (joke) I’ve got a really hectic schedule of things to do which take priority over the events, so I’ve yet to sit down and plan what I can fit in. This year I’m a judge for the Mr Leather Belgium 2017 contest which will be fantastic, so this year I’m going to see where I end up. I’m looking forward to the parties, so I’ll definitely be at those.

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  • New Kuhseide Leather Hide
    New Kuhseide Leather Hide

    Introducing the new luxury leather hide from Regulation London. Pronounced koo-zider this leather is buttery soft to the touch with a refined, tight grain look. Although this leather feels pliable, it has a natural strength, ideal for gear that lasts as long as it should. Ranging from 1 to 1.2mm in thickness it's perfect for our fitted leather jeans and premium waistcoats.

    Not only does this leather smell amazing but its deep black colour has a modest lustre sheen that subtly accentuates curves and shapes. So take the leap and delve into new realms of dark black leather gear with our new Kuhseide leather, you won't regret it.

    Shop Kuhseide Leather Gear

  • The Complete Rubber Care Guide
    The Complete Rubber Care Guide

    When I bought my first rubber suit at the age of 20, I had no idea what I had to do to keep it looking as fresh as the day I bought it. Rubber care seemed like a dark art as far as I was concerned and I struggled to find out what to do and what not to do. As I asked around, different people told me conflicting things and I ended up none the wiser.

    Having worked with rubber for a number of years now I've picked up some tips, tricks, do's and don'ts that might not be as obvious as you'd expect.

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  • Leatherpride Belgium 2017
    Leatherpride Belgium 2017

    We're proud to be sponsoring Leatherpride in Antwerp, coming soon in February 2017.


    See you at the Darklands market between the 17th and 19th of February 2017. We'll be showcasing the best of our rubber and leather gear as well as a host of other fetish gear and toys. Our stall will near the middle of the market, space G2.

    Pick up a guide in store, or Click here for tickets.

  • Christmas - Last Order Dates
    Christmas - Last Order Dates

    As Christmas fast approaches we want to do everything we can to make your Christmas this year one to remember. So to make sure you get everything you need in time for the big day, pay close attention to the following dates.

    UK Mainland and NI Orders: 
    Royal Mail - 18th December
    Courier - 20th December

    The Rest of The World:
    Royal Mail - 12th December
    Courier - 18th December

    Order any 'in stock' items on or before the above dates to ensure you receive your order before the 25th of December. Please note this excludes made to order items and is subject to items being in stock.

    Find the right gift with our new Gift Finder.

  • Celebrating 25 Years of Gear
    Celebrating 25 Years of Gear

    This month we will officially enter our mid twenties. Almost a quarter of a century has passed since we opened our doors for the first time in North London, so to celebrate, we're hosting an in store Birthday Event and launching our Birthday Sale.

    In Store Birthday Event

    Join us in our London store on 15th October 2016, grab a beer and hang out with special guest models Sam Barclay & Justin King (2 - 4pm). Of course there will be cake, music and some serious discounts.

    Birthday Sale

    Monday (10/10/16) sees the start of our huge Birthday Sale both online and in store. We'll have promotions on ranges across our entire catalogue to celebrate the wide range of kinks and fetishes we love. Shop the sale online or visit us in store before Mon 17th.

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  • Fetish Week London 2016
    Fetish Week London 2016

    Our absolute favourite time of year is upon us. Recon is preparing to activate the kinky homing beacon that is Fetish Week London. The action packed week of themed club nights never fails to draw in a crowd of cock hungry guys from all over the UK and around the world. This year will be bigger than ever, with a brand new event on top of all the usual filth and fun.

    On Sunday the 10th of July the week kicks off with the exclusive, invite only premium members party. Monday there's a raunchy Fetish Screening; Tuesday has the infamous Bondage Masterclass; Wednesday the barking Best in Show; Thursday get sweaty with Sports Cruise and Friday is filled with fun, a soho Social, Fetish Week Dinner and Skinhead Event.

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